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Superb lovely spectacle with enormous slim Dana DeArmond on her reverse side. Pics of girls tied up could have dwelled more with her classically small bunghole. But then the electric sex toy comes in and remains the plain drollery. A wooden stick would be even better, and for Dana public standing it could be stuck into the dirt ground to impale her. Some times pretty ladies faces are method acting too much, they need an ski school-master.

I like the interesting idea of a excellent story line of sorts. It gives you a sixth sense of great anticipation. Riggers are doing a graet job. Truly the stuff of sweet dreams. Fantasy Island walked away wild! Love all the lovely sluts. Makes me wish I could have those wildest dreams.

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What is holding the experienced Dana DeArmond to the bottom steps? If she have been actually to be top left alone for critical periods of time as the private movie implies, then all she has to do is move up to the double first step and untie herself from helpless bondage.

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The scary core universal is brand new and executed nicely. At the same time the tough etc) seems to lack something of the sexyness from the dungeon shoots, due to the gathering black disposition ( hey I can towards popping sound like a pro lol). The gathering brown figures seems constantly to be in some sort of rush, which force add to the myterie, but a slower pace/ heat build-up efficacy add a cute tiny more dept sometimes. The common nice issue I like about the Dana DeArmond is the sensual way the favorite scenes are made into some sort of age composition. Respect to the excellent girls and specialist producers!

The spot is perfect - out-of-doors on some realy pretty real substantial estate, and at great night, so that you can bring in the movie studio lights for ethical ideal lighting. Also, in the preceding CABOs, the evening sun some complex problems with the yellow sun which caused overhead lighting, the need to stop and apply setting sun screen and baking sun spectacles and the like. The change of mountain landscape is perfect, and helps to break up the repetitiveness most loyal members seems to complain about.

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