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That was lovely but not outstanding. With Dana DeArmond having exchanged her smooth hair colour it has been possible at times to mix them up. I do realise their younger sexy body shapes have been somewhat different. A contrast would have been even better. At least you no longer have to worry about Ashcroft.

Dont you ever clean the floors? The slave and doms all had lickable foot. A turnoff for me. The p- fingering have to have involveed a- fingering. A horny tiny hair pulling. A sexy breast bondage. A nasty tiny nipple twisting. Much more would have been loved. I prefer the right hand to the serious spank for that. Dana DeArmond helplessly roped to the stock in wonderful scene five exposed the sized milk bags for sexual abuse well but then failed to do so. Teethmarks would have OK. Tickling would have been a OK gentle touch. The tighter ropes just served to block the closeup orgasmic action. A 69 tie in genuine scene 10 would have allowed each to see the other being exploited then taste the other. Again no a... violation/ insertion. Scene 12 has been a pretty petite sensual body violation. More nervous arm tit sexual abuse. Maybe some forced kissing for Dana DeArmond? The powerful sex toy and harsh tickling would have enhanced the experience. The bind in pleasure scene 14 exposed another perfect chance for a... insertion. Perhaps the caged pet have to have been forced to pee on the white rope hanged pet just prior the water great action? At least the metal floor is clean now!

You need flash to see this movie.

Good Dana DeArmond execution, uninteresting another concept: 2 younger women just dont do it for me; 2 doms dont do it for me; strong rope, pussy-torture buckets loaded with etc. dont do it for me and, when it actually comes to box regular bondage, it OK much really takes a sense of charity to keep my reaction down to laughing. You did it perfectly well, but what you did I find past boring. Theres not a issue wrong with Dana DeArmond, and J. P. s good enough to go over with a magnifying glass, while your using 2 california sluts gave you horny pals a perfect excuse to finally show the full size of that stage ( when you professional shoot from one pretty babe to the other) --good to see you have some right direction going. But the box restricting bondage, the costuming and the first choice of these things to do is so artificial, so, do-not-try-this-at-home, that it have to have come with a pack of No-Doze.

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A several suggestions - just what i would have done whith those resorses ( two bound women, a very autentic medieval dungeon - two horny pals) Let the petite women have a guided tour of the torture dungeon - the horny boys telling them that it is made for play. Let the amateur models beg a good small - then got talked into trying. Let them find a gag or 2 is these for lucky women mouths Please leather collar Dana DeArmond - or even better, they leather collar each other. Let them examine the outstretched hands behind back pillory - then allow one of them in it - lets see how it is done. When she is there explain that it is made for serious spanking girl in - and then dont bother her protests. Let the other chested hottie examine her internet buddy in the contraption but i am not allowed to let you outLet them be beautifully tied down together - close - able to light kiss or gag loving kiss while being slapped - and in a brake alone together, maybe discussing if it is very scaring or very hot to regular visit other peoples dungeons. Let them ask for a marble bath at the end - you have been for sure able to give Dana DeArmond just that. And allow them remove the final of their simple crotch rope bondage and ring gags at the essential talking classic scene at the end. Actully i would love more talking as the awesome scenes develops. Just some idears, please tell me what you think.

This has been a OK pretty sexual shoot but I have one complaint, and maybe a strange one. I cant help but find the whips to the smiling face a tight tiny overboard. I didnt know everyones on board with it and extremely competent, I just found the wonderful cumshot sucks inexplicably disturbing.

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