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The scene with Dana DeArmond suspended and lowered on to a bdsm cock riding and twisted round was hot - loved it. It reminds of a school boy poem. There was a man called dead eyed dick. Who had a cork screw cast iron prick. His life was one long hunt. To find a woman with a cork screw cunt. When he found her he dropped down dead. He found she had a left hand thread!

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The level of fun in this Dana DeArmond shoot is outrageous. Danas talking with the gag (Im stuck. Stuck on a cock.) has me chuckling every time I think of it, and the banter between Dana and Lew in the tank is hilarious. This looked more fun than should be allowed. Even Dana DeArmond was inspired to say Wheeee! Two times!

Dana DeArmond is excellent. Noticed the choke gag you used did not have a strap, the previous time it had one which allowed you both hands to inflick more tit pain spank. Have to find the strap next time.

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There was 257 pictures and 6 movies made during this scene. The total running time of these videos are 70 minutes. You can view them instantly by visiting site:

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