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Harmony Rose is great in this lesbians tortured videos video and those black opaque lenses really are a turn on because it makes Harmony look like a doll with that blank stare of seemingly lifeless eyes. Princess Donna is great as usual and when paired Dana DeArmond to assist this was a great shoot. The biggest complaint of this video though is that Harmony kept her eyes closed for most of the shoot and it kind of beats the purpose of having those black opaque contact lenses. Would really love to see more extensive use of those contact lenses for additional sensory deprivation of future models. A great shoot and Dana DeArmond is terrific!

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From the Cheshire Cat grin worn by Princess Donna at the idea of pushing Harmonys limits, to the trepidation and anxiety in Harmonys expressions and winces, to Dana DeArmond delight in Harmonys predicament - loved it! No one dishes out lesbian pain and anticipation while simultanesously giving sensual kisses like Princess Donna. Others try, but no one elses kisses seem as genuine, sincere and sensual as Donnas. It almost seems like a signature.

I was enthralled by Harmony Rose turmoil over what she thought may be coming next. For me, it was just as much of a charge (ok bad pun) that she thought the cattle prod was coming and her distress over it. Princess Donna didnt even need to use it to get the desired effect. It seemed to me that Donna and Dana DeArmond got plenty of satisfaction from Harmonys reactions as well. Harmony seemed pretty happy with the crotch rope movies also (in terms of having her limits pushed). An interesting divide in members preferences at any rate (this one did it for me).

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