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Very nicely done. Dana DeArmond is incredibly exiting! The button nose hooks and penis gag worked quite well. Some have pointed out that they do not like those used but I think that distorting a fucking graceful girls features like that adds to the major breast bondage fantasy. If verbal humiliation is one of the open goals then I would vote YES for little nose hooks, at least casually.

I dont totally got the little nose hooks, although they have generated a whole lot of talk here. Can an aggressive player explain what the little nose hooks are for? Do they hurt? I dont think they detracted, since Dana DeArmond is very fine. How about it, Dana, what do they feel like?

You need flash to see this movie.

An excellent realistic portrayal of the Jungian psychology of orgasm torment, and the obvious importance of its anxious anticipation. Excellent camerawork and wonderful Doming by Mark. I absolutly enjoyed Dana DeArmond. Shes awesome and winningly shy.

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Interesting she told she especialy enjoyed it post initial interview ( personally, never tried). The girl is strikingly graceful, and the button nose hook, although gravely submissive, really rolled me off. Even if she werent as charming I still wouldnt have realy loved it ( of course, there are these who do, so you horny pals are doing your terrific job correctly). I totally enjoyed how she told she was a gorgeous draggletail and deserves it in the pre opening interview. I would like to see more of that in a submission representation or two. It is a big sexual BDSM story of us subs to merit/ earn our training sessions. It is all sexual part of the mind space we usually get in.

Making the favorite women look ugly with little nose hooks is something that I dont care for. Its OK for remarkable variety, but please dont really make it a regular basic issue. If you definately crave variety ( who doesnt?) how about some other odd kind of cum excellent shot? Mark absolutely have to got tired of jerking off when there is such a dazzling cum receiver accessible.

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