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Dana DeArmond has been fantasticand resistant, but Matt is getting even better and better.

Gorgeous bondage model, really well endowed. Admirable acting and tolerance. Good dental gags, serious bdsm pain, and pleasure sound. Enjoyed the virtually wordless mini storyline and absence of onscreen coddling. Adds to the original story. Thats a OK set with interesting heavy equipment and a lot of potential. Looking forward to its further exploration & demonstration. Matt always does well in monks robe and role of cool, silent, calculating do-er of deeds. Viewer can speculate on his other activities from which he appears to drop in for some diversion. Or probably hes off to rearrange another damsel or two, probably relocate them to this dirty dungeon. Nice slight touch at the end to restore the damsel to a storage cell.

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Dana DeArmond, Matt, you have achieved a masterpiece with this one. The best bit for me has been seeing Danas beatiful face with those incredibly attractive pretty eyes looking out through the bars of her basement dungeon in the final several thirty seconds of the amateur shoot, that has been classic. Dana please come see us then over and over soon.

I still delighted seeing the gag deeper in her sweet lips as she turned to be involved with cuming. Also using heaver weighted tit torture. Be lovely to see them quickly drew out and fasted to parquet floor so as she squirmed shed trully pull them. Thanks also for smoothing her straight hair away from her curious pretty eyes.

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Dana DeArmond is amazingly resiliant and actually takes all that Matt can dish out full marks to her, her cries made my slave kinky as hell and made for a short night! Nice to see a change of creative scene too. More gruesome medieval teases would be fun. The orgasm rack. The wheel. Crucified bondage pics.

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